...terrain worth fighting over...

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Welcome to Adrian's Walls Website.  We specialise in the finest quality impact resistant resin buildings, walls, ramparts, battlements and terrain tiles for the Miniature Warfare enthusiast and gamer.  Here at Adrian's Walls we enable you to purchase all of our items in only one format - PAINTED TO SHOWCASE STANDARD.   We believe that you and your painted figures (and vehicles etc) deserve to be able to game "straight from the box" with exquisitely painted buildings and terrain.  That is why we are proud to claim that our products are ... terrain worth fighting over.......Our current ranges are for 28mm, 15mm and 6mm/10mm warfare.  Please feel free to browse our online shop or come along and look at our product ranges at various Wargaming Shows in 2016 - where our ranges are exclusively carried by our close friends at Wargames Emporium (look for them in the list of traders attending various shows).

Our Historical Showcase is online as is our Fantasy/SciFi Showcase.  Here you will be able see our latest innovations and products close up and see how they look on the battlefield.  We have just launched our Frozen City Range featuring highly detailed castings in various ruined states which are ideal for use in your Frostgrave gaming.  As well as our own online range of products, you can also buy some of our exclusive ranges  that are bespoke to various other retailers and distributors - such as Warlord Games . Here you can purchase the current 28mm World War II Atlantik Wall Bunker Range.  These ranges have been exclusively created for Warlord and all purchases of this range should be made direct from Warlord.

We also offer a complete range of terrain tiles all of which are sculpted and come completely painted and ready to be gamed on - straight from the box!

Here at Adrian's Walls we are happy to create your own bespoke battlefield masterpiece or bespoke terrain tiles.  If you require a unique piece for your battleground please contact us using the Contact Form and one of our team will  contact you.